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Summer Highlights(Children)

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these" (Matt. 19:14).


Every Sunday children have the opportunity to enjoy Christian Education classes here at Northminster.

From our special children’s time with our pastor during Sunday Worship in the sanctuary, to our fun filled Children's Choir (2nd grade and up) there is something for all to enjoy. [See Choirs]


Youth are encouraged to participate in our worship service until after Children's Sermon, when they are then dismissed to their age-appropriate Sunday School Class.

NURSERY: Our Nursery is located in the Education wing, directly across from our Sanctuary.
We believe that Children need structure in their lives. For this reason we have a paid Nursery attendant who is present for your children every week.
Jaime LeFevre is a Mom, a College student and looks forward to caring and loving your child while you attend our service!

Middlers: Kindergarten thru Sixth Grade.
Taught by
Sheree Banez

Songs, Bible Stories and Crafts


Jr. High and High School Youth: Seventh thru Twelfth Grade




Imagine Summer Camp...The joy filled shouts of 4th through 6th graders cheering Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest, the gnarly adventures on the ropes course for our Junior High Students in Buccaneer Camp, the tender relationship between counselors and our youngest 2nd through 4th grade campers as they share the wonder of Adventure Camp and, of course, the wild, rowdy, soul piercing energy of High School Camp. Westminster Woods is a true gift of our Presbyterian Church!

Every summer our children and youth come back from the Woods with a deeper understanding of God’s great love and memories of pure summer adventure.

We have a goal for every child of Northminster to attend camp this summer. If you are a parent, please pick up a schedule of camp dates in our Church office. We provide scholarships for all the children and youth of Northminster to attend camp. We want your children to have the life memories of a week at Westminster Woods!

Contact the church office for registration!

Northminster partners with Bethany Presbyterian church as part of Family Promise’s program to provide food and shelter for homeless families. Bethany has the space needed but due to the size and age of their congregation, they do not have many people to spend a night with the families. They can also need help with meal preparation. Northminster will be working with Bethany again the week of October 9.

Family Promise, according to their mission statement, "helps homeless families achieve self-sufficiency and regain a home for themselves and their children through an interfaith hospitality network of diverse faith communities”. Family Promise takes four families at a time and puts them up overnight in houses of worship. They work with them to help them stabilize their lives and get into permanent housing as part of this they offer preschool for working parents and parental education. They also assist in finding employment for parents. These families are carefully screened to select people who do not have drug or other problems that might prevent them achieving self-sufficiency. One adult must be working and 50% of the earnings must be saved toward first month's rent and a deposit.

These are not your stereotypical mentally ill or substance addicted homeless people. They are ordinary people who for one reason or another find themselves homeless. This has happened to people in our congregation who fortunately had family who could help them. The first time Mars and Mayre stayed at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral some of the Trinity youth were there to play with the homeless kids. They found they could not tell who was homeless and who was from Trinity until the Trinity kids left.

Staying overnight just requires someone who will come in the evening and get people off in the morning, but it much more rewarding to come in time for dinner and have a chance to actually meet some of the people. This can be two adults, or it can be a family.

People who are uneasy about spending the night or having their kids exposed to homeless people should consider just coming for dinner to better understand the kind of people Family Promise helps.

Although the biggest need is for people who can stay overnight, there are things that can be done to help Family Promise besides preparing meals and staying overnight. The Quilters have donated quilts which are works of art and wonderful for people who’ve lost nearly everything.

Homelessness is a major problem in our community and in our nation, and homeless families are just a part of the problem. This program will not solve the problem, but it will help.

In April, Bobbie Price, Linda Wolfe, Robert and Susan Tierney served supper and enjoyed the company of the guests, while Mars and Mayre Burnside were the chaperones for an overnight stay the next night.

Talk to Mars or Mayre Burnside for more information. They have stayed with families five times over the past year. One of the families had a child who is a student at Dyer Kelly, the school Northminster supports. For more information on Family Promise in general go to sacfamilypromise.org.

If you can spend a night with Family Promise families during the week of October 9, can help with meal preparation, want to come for supper, or just want more information, call Mars Burnside (916) 838 2501 or talk to him or Mayre after church.

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